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Seal Computer rules and information

Currently there are three computers available for resident use. (More may be available in the future.) 
They have Windows 10 and a number of office software programs and other programs installed. (Microsoft Office,  VLC media player, Adobe Reader.) They are also connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi provided by Comcast.
Here are the rules for their use:

Presidents Council computer protocols

Code of conduct for Seal computer users

Authorized Access

  • Residents may only use the resident logon.

  • Residents are asked to sign up on the sheet by the computer before using it.

  • Computers are there for Internet surfing and working on office documents.

  • Residents using the computers are asked not to visit pornographic websites or download that type of content.

  • Any files downloaded must be saved to a flash drive. Usersmay not save any programs to the hard drive. Any files found on the computer will be deleted.

  • Users may not install any programs on the computer. Also, No other programs will be installed on the computers at this time. The computer team wants to see how things work as they are. In the coming months that may change.

Data Privacy

  • The residents logon is a limited access account. This means that users may alter desktop settings and use all previously installed programs. They may not alter system settings or install programs.

  • The computers and all associated equipment belong to the Residents council. Please do not take anything on the computer desk out of the community room. (headphones, speakers, USB hub, cords, etc.) If things start disappearing residents might be asked to supply their own or the computers may be removed. (Worst case scenario. We hope it doesn't come to that.)

Protecting resources

  • You may use the printer to print items you are working on or information from the Internet. There is a .10 donation requested per page printed. (This goes towards ink and paper costs.

  • Do not alter the anti-virus settings in any way. The software should be able to run without any user input. Also, do not alter the desktop background or monitor brightness.

  • You must use headphones when listening to music or watching video on the computers. 

  • If you have a problem or get an error message please send an email to help (at)sealhirise.com Be as complete as possible. (What were you doing when the problem occurred? What exactly happened? Were there any error messages?) This will help the administrator troubleshoot the system.

  • You should be sure to contact the administrator when there is a problem. (After writing down the pertinent details.) She will try to look into it within 24 hours.

  • Please let the administrator know in advance if you want to change any settings on the computer. This includes changing the screen resolution, desktop background, or language settings.

Printer rules

The printer has been provided by the Residents Council for your convenience. Please treat it with respect and be conscious of how much ink and paper you use. (The cost of those comes out of the Council treasury.)

  • You may use the printer to print items you are working on or information from the Internet. There is a .10 donation requested per page printed. (This goes towards ink and paper costs.

  • Please do not print more than ten (10) pages at one time. If you need to print a larger document please talk to the administrator first. (A larger donation will likely be asked for in that situation.)

  • You are asked to bring your own paper. Extra paper can be found in the cabinet nearest the computer area. (Behind the big table.)

Administrator schedule and contact information

Administrator: Melissa Pappas

Contact info:

Apt. 1405

Phone: 651-983-4291

Also by buzzing my apartment or leaving a note on the door


Monday-Friday 6-9PM

Saturday 3-9PM

Exceptions to this will be posted in advance.



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