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Residents Council Bylaws- 2018 Revision




Article 1


The name of this organization shall be Seal Hi-Rise Residents Council

Article 2


The purpose of this organization will be to give each resident a voice in all the rules, regulations, and planning of all activities in the Seal Hi-Rise.

Article 3


    Promote communications between community services, PHA management, and residents

    To promote better living for all residents

    To promote fellowship among all residents

Article 4


    The membership of this organization shall consist of ALL residents of Seal Hi-Rise

    There will be no membership fees or dues

Article 5


    The executive board meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of the month, at a time and place set by the President. Board meetings will be held during July and August. A quorum of three members must be present to hold a meeting.

    Regular council meetings shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month at a time to be set by the executive board. There will be no meetings in July and August. Notice of all meetings will be posted on calendars each month. A quorum of fifteen individuals must be present to hold a council meeting.

    A quorum of three officers must be present at each council meeting.

    All recommendations of the executive board will be read at the regular meetings for passage by the membership.

    The constitution and by-laws should be read and explained at the time of revision. Revisions should be posted prior to the meeting at which they will be discussed. Final copies of the revised documents should go to each resident and to the orienter to give to new residents

Article 5A


    At the regular meeting in April, the Election Judge will explain the election procedures, qualifications for office, and meeting attendance requirements. They will open nominations. Whether to have a five member board or traditional board will be voted on.

    At the May meeting, nominations will be closed. The nominee list will be given to the manager to check for lease compliance. All nominees must be in attendance at this and the June meeting.

    After the Election Judgehas presented the list of candidates at the May meeting, they must again read the names. 1. He or she calls for nominations from the floor in the following order: President, Vice President, Officer at Large, Secretary, and Treasurer. 2. When the Election Judge asks for nouminations from the floor for president, the names for that position presented on the nomination sheet  must be read first. When, after a pause it seems there will be no more nominations from the floor the Election Judge again asks for nominations for president three times and if there are none the president declares nominations closed. No motion to that effect is needed. This same procedure is followed for the other four officer positions.

    Elections are held in June at the regular meeting.

Article 6

Governing bodies and officers

    All residents living at seal hi-rise are members at large.

    The officers of the organization shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Officer at Large and shall constitute the executive board for the organization. The manager or human services coordinator assigned to the building shall be ex-officio members of the board, without a vote. They shall be given notice of all meetings. If no representative of the PHA is present, the meeting should not be held.

Article 7

Election of officers

    Officers to be elected shall be President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer, and Officer at Large. All chairpersons are to be appointed by the President as soon as he or she can find volunteers for the positions.

    Qualified residents 18 years or older who are lease compliant and who meet the requirements described in the by-laws may seek office.

    Elections are to be held yearly.

    Officers shall be elected by secret ballot to serve one year. Their term of office shall begin after installation, at the close of the regular meeting at which they were elected. A candidate receiving a plurality of all votes shall be elected. Only in a tie vote shall another vote be taken. A HUD requirement is that there will always be a recall if it is called for.

    Flyers with the names of all candidates and the positions they are in the running for will be posted by the elevators on all floors.

    Ballots are to be counted by three tellers and one independent outside person.

    Ballots are to be kept on file by the secretary for sixty days.

Article 7e

Office vacancies

    If the office of president is permanently vacated, the vice president assumes the office and the officer at large becomes vice president. However, if the vice president does not wish to advance, an election for president shall be held.

    If any other office is permanently vacated, an election will be held at the next meeting to fill the office.

Article 8

Duties of officers and committee chairpersons

    Duties of all officers and chairpersons are listed herein and shall be carried forth as listed.


1. Acts as leader of the assembly.

2. Attends Presidents council meetings held at 555 Wabasha Ave., Suite 4. Sends someone in his or her place if unable to attend.

3. Prepare an agenda for the monthly residents council meetings, with assistance from the board members.

4. Be a cosigner of all checks.

5. Convene executive board and resident council meetings.

6. Use Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised and the council by-laws.

Vice President

1. Assume the duties of the president when it is necessary.

2. Be the third signer of checks if needed.

3. Assist the president.

4. Coordinate the calendar of events. Update it and highlight special events.

5. Keep bulletin board neat and up to date.

6. Coordinate use of the community room by private parties and outside groups after approval from the executive board and the PHA.

Officer at Large

1. Assumes duties of president and/or vice president if both are ill or unable to attend the meeting.

2. Assists the officers in any way that is needed.

3. Assist the vice president with taking care of the bulletin boards.


1. Record and keep minutes of all proceedings of executive board and resident council meetings.

2. Receive and answer all correspondence.

3. Help the president with meeting scheduling.

4. Create and post flyers for building events.

5. Distribute notices of monthly meetings to all residents.


1. Receive and deposit all funds to the organization's bank accounts.

2. Pay all bills. All checks are to be signed by the president and one other authorized person.

3. Report financial status of all accounts at the regular monthly meetings.

4. Keep a record of all receipts and disbursements in the record book.

5. Prepare a financial report at the end of the year.

6. Have books audited yearly and report this at a regular meeting.

Note: the treasurer is allowed a fund of $150 for miscellaneous expenditures, subject to approval of the executive board.

Community Sharing Attendee/s

  1. Attend monthly Community Sharing meeting.

  2. Report back at the monthly Resident Council meeting.

  3. Help organize Community Building events at the hi-rise.

Duties of Chairpersons

Sunshine chairperson

Sends get well and sympathy cards and post hospital notices. Handle the dime-a-time drawing at regular meetings.

Entertainment committee

Organize and help with entertainment suggested by the officers. Arrange annual dinners and monthly birthday parties with the kitchen chairperson. Keep the executive board informed of planned events and announce them in a timely fashion at the council meetings. May undertake the holiday party if he or she wishes.

Kitchen chairperson

Besides taking care of the coffee, he or she should work with the activities committee on all events involving food or coffee. Should keep a running inventory of all needed supplies.


A. Any changes or specific additions to these duties or suggested job descriptions should be discussed at executive board meetings with chairpersons present and made note of by the board at resident's council meetings. Changes should be voted on if necessary.

B. Chairpersons may also attend the executive board meetings each month if they wish.


Article 9

1. The rules contained in the current edition of Roberts rules of order, newly revised shall govern all points not covered in the constitution and by-laws.

2. This constitution and by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the membership. A two-thirds vote is required and the proposed amendment must be submitted at the previous meeting and posted on the bulletin board.

Article 10

Use of the community room (space use agreement)

1. The policies and procedures for use of the community room and common space will be posted in the community room and given to anyone requesting to reserve the room for private use.

Contract for community room use and rules and regulations

1. Anyone wishing to use the community room for a private event must clear the date with an officer of the executive board.

2. Time is limited to five hours. If you wish to use the room longer, an officer of the executive board must OK this.

3. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and is considered a violation of the resident's lease. Inappropriate behavior is any actions, use of words, way of dress, or hygiene practice that is offensive to other residents or staff. This policy applies to the behavior of both residents and their guests.

4. All children must be kept in the room. No running in the hallways or in and out of the building. Children must be escorted by an adult on the elevators at all times. Small children must be accompanied by an adult when using the restrooms.

Clean up responsibilities

1. Please sweep up and wipe up spills from floors, walls, tables, chairs, appliances, and countertops. Any common space or equipment should be left clean.

2. Cleaning equipment is stored in the kitchen for your use. Please return any items used to their proper places.

3. Any left over food or supplies brought in for the occasion should be removed unless other arrangements have been made with the kitchen chairperson.

4. Furniture should be returned to its regular place. Any items belonging to the hi-rise should also be returned to their original locations. (Books, dishes, games, etc.)

5. If you decorated, please remove all decorations.

6. Pop cans and other recyclable items can be put in bins outside. Deposit trash in Dumpster around the corner from the back entrance.


1. We ask our residents not to intrude on any private parties or meetings.

2. The microwave may be used. Please wipe it clean after you are finished.

3. No alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed.

4. You must sign this agreement. Any infraction of these rules means you will be assessed and charged for any resulting maintenance or repairs, by PHA management. In addition, you will not have use of this room again.

5. Smoking is not allowed at any time.

Community room use contract

You have been given a list of our rules for residents and guests when using the community room. We ask you to read them and please follow them completely.

Date of use:________

Hours needed:_______


Please give us the reason for this occasion or event so we can have a record of the kinds of things our community room is used for most often.________________

Have a wonderful time!

The residents council of Seal hi-rise,

Vice President:

Date agreement signed:________

Article 11


There will be no door to door soliciting from the outside or by a resident. Solicitation in the community room is permissible with an okay from the executive board.

Resident Rules

1. Our American flags for the flagpole should be purchased as needed with one extra flag on hand at all times. Torn or worn flags will be removed and given to the proper people for disposal.

2. One hundred fifty dollars will be our set amount to spend for entertainment. Any suggested expenditure above that amount must be voted on by the residents.

3. One hundred dollars may also be spent for decorations for holidays, and seasonal items when necessary.

4. The holiday dinner is paid for partly by the residents' council.

5. Annual charitable donations may be made on the recommendations of residents. These would be discussed and voted on at a resident's council meeting.

6. Residents are asked to remember that PHA suggests that we respect the rules of a common sense dress code. This means, no bare feet, no nightgowns or bathrobes, or pajamas, etc. Outside your apartment. You should be properly dressed in street clothes when in any part of the hi-rise where people may congregate.

Laundry room etiquette

1. The laundry rooms will be open 24 hours a day.

2. Clothes should be removed promptly when machine cycle is finished. You should stay with your clothes at all times.

3. Maximum use is three loads using two machines per person, per day.

4. No outside laundry may be washed in building machines. This is a direct order from PHA. You can be reported by anyone witnessing this.

5. If the laundry rooms are dirty, please help straighten them and clean up after yourself. Take pride in your home.

6. Please do not shake Kleenex or rug litter onto the floor or the elevator lobby carpeting.

PHA Handbook

1. Adherence to all PHA policies stated in the handbook given to you when you signed your lease is required. Those policies include: parking pets, recycling, security, smoking, etc. We hope you will think of Seal Hi-Rise as your home and treat it as such.

2. As always, the rules and regulations, like the by-laws can be changed with a two- thirds vote.

Thank You!


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